Parts Unknown

by Darrell Collins

Inside a woman's head is a dangerous place. 
They'll be many iterations for them to save face. 
They'll see another woman's lipstick on the rim of a cup. 
Which was Gin and Ruby Red that you just turned up. 

They will beef and squabble, erasing any erection.
Then, blame it on you, calling it major rejection. 
After that your are charged with having booty call.
You wonder if its pre-menstrual, or pre-menopause.

You are truly befuddled on where its coming from. 
Don't look for logic, 'cause there's absolutely none. 
Patience is truly a virtue at times like this. 
Just keep your mouth shut and endure the shit. 

This too, will pass, you keep telling yourself. 
While wanting to wop that ass, asking God for help. 
A woman swoops down on you like a military drone. 
With thoughts out there somewhere in parts unknown. 

Parts Unknown by Darrell Collins

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