Trilateral Commission

by Darrell Collins

Someone told me something when I was very young.
A “Trilateral Commission” run by a few rich men.
I knew not then what he was talking about.
I, now understand without question or doubt.

There are a few billionaires trying to suppress the vote.
Buying state governors, and even the Supreme Court.
That's a “Trilateral Commission” as far as I  can see.
Stealing from “The People” their whole Democracy.

They  are so out there, I can call them out by name.
Freiss, Adelson, and the Kochs run our political game.
They buy voting districts for those who enforce their will.
Get rid of any Senator who votes against their bills.

I would call that money taking the place of the vote.
Equivalent to someone having their foot on your throat.
The “Trilateral Commission” set the rules in this game.
If “We” allow that to happen, many have died in vain.

Trilateral Commission by Darrell Collins

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