They Are Sick.............

by Darrell Collins

They are sick with the knowledge of where we come from.
The people spoken about by Elizabeth Warren.
The poverty stricken, and the lower-middle class.
The people who carried this country on their backs.
Bernie Sanders sees it through a microscope.
Too many people, down-trodden, and broke.
They are sick in knowing, we're coming after them.
It doesn't matter who runs, or, the money they spend.

They wanted TPP, and Presidential Fast Track.
But, "The People" had something to say about that.
Regardless of your power.  You will now not roll over me.
That's what Obama got, from "The People" of this country.
Where is the Press Conference to say "I may have been wrong."
Or, "I touched on something where I didn't know shat I was doing."
But "We The People" have see n it before.
Inner-City Blues, and jobless galore.

They are sick with telling what's best for us.
While giving every reason to encourage distrust.
Obama's own party wasn't falling for the tricks.
They gave reason to believe it is all about the rich.

They Are Sick............. by Darrell Collins

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