Saving Our Sons

by Darrell Collins

Being dreaded, bald, confident, and black,

Are characteristics you'll later find out are facts.

They are qualifications that'll get you sent to the Pen.

It's the way of our existence, living as Black Men.

Having been there and getting on-the-job training.

We should put in our work until Hell is raining.

In saving our sons we give them on-point knowledge.

Deterring them from the streets, and even more toward college.

Overstress to them the disadvantage they have.

And, because of their color, the target on their back.

Ensure they understand this at a very early age.

By the time they're seventeen just might be too late.

In saving our sons, we work around the clock.

Ensuring they succeed will take a hell-of-a-lot.

That is the responsibility of each and every black man.

Making sure our sons survive in this unjust land.

Saving Our Sons by Darrell Collins

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