Putting You On

by Darrell Collins

A test of manhood is what all boys go through.
Whether you become a momma's boy is all up to you.
I'm only putting you on to what you'll need in life.
It ain't gonna be pleasant, and it cuts like a knife.

In putting you on, there is no learning curve.
If you're caught sleeping, you'll truly get served.
In order to avoid that, you need extremely tough skin.
Because only a man can turn young boys to men.

"Putting you on" was a term we used to use.
A crash-course education of what's in front of you.
At 14, I promise, you have not seen anything.
I can assure you of that, based on what I have seen.

Only a father can actually put you on.
By transferring knowledge before he's called home.
It's his only mission before he leaves this earth.
To pass down to his son, the value of inner-worth.

Putting You On by Darrell Collins

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