Ooh, Yeah, Daddy!

by Darrell Collins

Ooh, yeah, Daddy!  I'm here for you to break it down.

Show me your Mojo Magic. Flip and twist it all around.

I know what you've got, because I've seen it before.

Handle up on this thing, like I am a $2.00 whore.

Can't you hear it calling?  It is calling out your name.

Don't you want to spank it?  And, give it an oil change.

Ooh, yeah, Daddy!  You know just what I'm getting at.

Do that thing you do, when you hit it from the back.

Whenever we get together, you know how we do.

We inundate each other with that sticky-icky glue.

Now, can you feel me?  Are you soaking in my vibes?

Are you trying to make this thing jump like it's alive?

Ooh, yeah, Daddy!  Do I really need to say more?

In order to get candy, you have to go to the store.

You, of all people, know I have no inhibitions.

So put me in that motionless, fetal position.

Ooh, Yeah, Daddy! by Darrell Collins

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