Willie Lynch Lives

by Darrell Collins

From my perspective, I can't believe all the lies.
When black, male unemployment is still on the rise.
Black people were the reason EEO came into play.
Now the Hispanic population is earning our pay.

EEO is claiming they're still playing by the rules.
It's just a different minority replacing me and you.
Willie Lynch lives, and is still degrading black men.
Making certain we can't provide for our black children.

There's no such thing as recovery, if it does not include us.
We are slowly moving towards riding the back of the bus.
Just look at the numbers, because the numbers don't lie.
Willie Lynch still lives...He just refuses to die.

For those who don't have a clue of who Willie Lynch was.
I suggest you click on this link, and read up, Cuz.
I don't see 539,000 lost jobs as particularly good news.
When the bulk of the losses affect brothers like me and you. 

Willie Lynch Lives by Darrell Collins

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