Imagine If

by Darrell Collins

Imagine if we’d shown more love to people we’ve known.

We wouldn’t miss them so much when God calls them home.

We would have given them as much love as they’ll ever need.

When God calls for new Angels, they’ll have a decisive lead.

Imagine if something like that was in everyone of us.

Imagine if everything we did was righteous and just.

There wouldn’t be corruption or any drawn-out wars.

Whoever is suffering, that suffering is yours.

Imagine if we vowed to not see any child deprived.

Imagine how many years that will add to our lives.

No one falters because we all have their back.

No allies, enemies, or anything like that.

Imagine if we showed one another some brotherly love.

Instead of killing a man, we actually gave him a hug.

God would like us better, ‘cause that’s how he made us to be.

We turned skin color and religion into this bigotry.

Imagine if we lived in a place where fear didn’t exist.

And, we never had a reason to raise our fists.

Wouldn’t that be ideal?  Wouldn’t that be Eden?

Imagine that kind of place, it’s purpose, and meaning.

Imagine If by Darrell Collins

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