Gangsta Supreme

(A Short Story of History - Set to Poetic Verse)

by Darrell Collins

This is about the baddest Gangsta that ever passed through a hood.

So, you must pay attention and listen real, good.

This is not for the meek or the weak at heart.

Because, it might leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

Back in 1896 when Zionism was born,

Hertzl decided Argentina or Palestine would be home.

Ten years later, it was decided, it would be Palestine.

The first all-out riot jumped off in 1929.

What happened in 1948, I still find hard to believe.

A whole country was jacked.  Now, that is Gangsta Supreme!

Barely one year later, came the real smack in the face.

The Gangsta had the balls to declare himself a state.

The U.S. and Russia decided to give the Gangsta props.

Two militarized zones, I ask you, are they not?

Because of their support, that made everything legit.

That gesture alone, gave birth to all of this shit.

This didn't go over well with all the next door neighbors.

Gangsta was caught in the middle of all the Gangsta-Haters.

If I were among the jacked, I'd also go all in.

I'll be damned if you will jack me with a stroke of a pen.

Coming into my space, thinking you can take from me.

Wouldn't that make you look forward to mass casualties?

Before I go out like that, you will have to eradicate me.

And, it ain't gonna be easy.  This, I can gaurantee.

By 1949  Gangsta held 78% of the land.

And, from that day forward, it's gotten way out of hand.

There have been massacres, bombings, and the killing of kids.

One is called "Terrorism", the other, "Collateral Damage."

"We stand behind Israel" doesn't speak for us all.

In order to solve a problem, you have to get to the cause.

I just will not fault the people who were already there.

I only want to ensure the truth is very clear.

Gangsta Supreme by Darrell Collins

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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