Gangsta To The Grave

by Darrell Collins

        Many Ganstas have plenty of love to give.
            They just chose another path to live.
          The love they dish out is so often tough.
  Because the life they lived was rugged and rough.

They raise sons and daughters better than the next.
    Some of the greatest fathers youíve ever met.
      They teach hygiene and value of the books.
     Command respect by dawning a certain look.

 For those who have a problem staying in their lane.
         Some of us are Gangstas to the grave.
       All a Gangsta asks is that you put in work.
           Stay in touch, and forgive their dirt.

       Circumstances dictated what they became.
         That does not mean they donít feel pain.
         Just like any other, love is all they crave.
      If it is not received, be Gangsta to the grave.

Gangsta To The Grave by Darrell Collins

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