A Soul Exposed

by Darrell Collins

A soul has been exposed to the eyes of the people.

It later opened it's mouth and dug the hole deeper.

A soul has been exposed, no matter how evil it may be.

It's true demented feelings laid out for all to see. 


There was "Gazillionaire" money egging it along.

They found out us minorities have go it going on.

Hopefully, one day they'll get it!  It'll never be the way it was.

Before the Devil can get in office, he has to come through us. 


I'm glad we got to see it, and from it, we must learn.

Elders, women, and children were all about to burn.

An evil soul has been exposed that should make us vigilant.

A vile and dirty man tried to become our President.

A Soul Exposed by Darrell Collins

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