Pulpit Hypocrites

by Christopher J. Holmes

Are all part of your gospel slick
But God can see right through you
And believe me heís getting sick 
Of you genuine hypocrites 
Full of holy shit

Thatís right
I said shit! 
ĎCause you lie, steal, cheat and curse more than I do
Running around with your fake ass crew
Pretending to be soldiers in Godís army

Youíll never be able to complete that task
Until you remove those self-made masks
From your faces
And fall to your knees and beg
For Godís grace and mercy

For thatís the only thing that will save you
And me, too
From destructive things we do to ourselves
So I ask
Who put you in charge?
Was it you or was it God?
Some came
Some went
Some were sent
So which one are you?

Do you really think youíre qualified to preach the gospel, dude?
Because if not, you need to step back
And let it go
Allow God to take control
Allow God to cleanse your soul
Allow God to make you whole in Him
Allow God to be your constant friend

Heís knocking, please let him in
Before itís too late!
At least for your sake
Because hell has a place for you
And your 3-piece suites, cuff link shirts
And gator shoes
That you love so much
Brother, youíre out of touch with the Master

Maybe one day, youíll get your mind right
Maybe one day, youíll get your heart right
Maybe one day, your game can be tight
Maybe one day, you can lead, too
But before you do
Ask yourself this question

ďWhoís leading you?Ē  

Pulpit Hypocrites by Christopher J. Holmes

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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