She Loves Trash

by Christopher J. Holmes

Young girls please, 
Cover up! Because you leave 
Nothing 2 the imagination
As you deal with the aggravation
Of guys not respecting you,
Talking 2 you any kind of way
Calling you any time of day or night
And in your heart you know itís a booty call
Yet you constantly fall 
For the same stupid lame things
That guys do and say

ďDamn baby, you lookiní good 2 day. 
Whatís yo name? Where you live? 
I can see through that dress...
You gotta lotta love 2 give
So how Ďbout spending some time with me!Ē

And just think, all of this started
From the dress that didnít fit you when you bought it
See, you young girls have no clue 
That you make the clothes, they donít make you

That too-short skirt you just bought
Might fit really well 
But in a manís mind
If you advertise
You just might sell
Your goods to the highest bidder.

A man can only do 
What you allow him to
So take your mind off them and put it on you
And follow your dreams
And achieve great things
Hold your head up high my Nubian queen
Because youíre beautiful 2 me 
In so many ways
But youíre wasting your days
Seeking out praise
From dudes who donít mean you any good
Who donít treat you like they should
ĎCause only God can love you girl
Like no man could 
But how much do you love yourself?
Because in the end you usually attract what you are!

She loves trash!

She Loves Trash by Christopher J. Holmes

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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