Be A Father

by Christopher J. Holmes

Homeboy you need to get yo mind right
Walkin around braggin' bout who you sleepin' with
Spittin' nothing but lies actin' like yo game tight

To be honest with you it's not
Because nobody truly cares about what you got
Or how you got it see
What you need to do is stop stayin' in and out of court
And be a man and start making those child support payments 
On time

Instead of talkin' to other lifeless dudes 
Who ain't really thinkin' bout you because their
Minds won't allow them to because they're too 
Dealing with life themselves to really listen to you
But it's obvious to me what really matters to you

And it's not your kids!

Always talkin' bout what they mama did
And how she ain't gonna get yo money 
To get her hair and nails done
Well you should've thought about that before you
Provided the seed that has now become your daughter and son
And son and daughter and son, shit

Seems to me like you plantin' seeds everywhere while you
Walkin' around actin' like you just don't care
Constantly hopping from job to job 
Sayin' how the system ain't gonna trap you and lock you up
And hold you up for the whole world to see
Because the only thing you see is how to get over on folks

Constantly talkin' about how you stay broke and how you
Can't cope with the drama from all yo babies mommas
Coming after you and bothering you 
Seems to me what you need to do is work on you and your point of view
Then maybe things can change for you 
If you want them to!

But you don't so you still on the run totin' a gun
Claiming you a thug
Still plantin' precious seeds in women that don't know any better
It's a damn shame you play these games and can't get yo life together!

Because you owe it to your children to take care of them
And love them
And cherish them

But that's difficult to do 
When the only one you think about is you
So the saga continues  

Be A Father by Christopher J. Holmes

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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