A Tale of Two Husbands

by Chele

Husband #1
I was his second
He was my first
Little did I know
This union was cursed
I walked down the aisle
To the man of my dreams
I wanted to cover my ears
To silence the screams
Something was telling me
It was the truth that I missed
Because when he said "I do"
He became a bigamist

Husband #2
He was my second
I was his first
I may have gone in admittedly
Fearing the worst
See, the betrayal of number one
Was still fresh in my mind
So I watched his every movement
Just looking for signs
His wallet and pockets
All became fair ground
I don't know what I was looking for
But I finally found
Phone numbers, letters, photos, a card
Why do relationships have to be so hard?
Maybe I shouldn't have looked
Maybe I should've averted my eyes
But I'd rather live alone with the truth
Than with a triflin' man who lies

Now, if there is to be
A husband #3
Lord have mercy
On him and on me
A woman of virtue
Is who I'm striving to be
But you have to meet me half way
For this to be a reality
Bring more to the table
Than just your private parts
It will take more than that
To heal this broken heart
I know I'm not perfect
Lord knows I've done wrong
But I'm ready to start over
And sing a new song
The bigamist and the playa
They can stay in the past
Because somewhere in my future
Is that one love that will last

A Tale of Two Husbands by Chele

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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