by Catherine Butterfly

It was the blood of the lamb
That gave me life
Through His giving of Himself
His broken body His spilled blood
These things He done out of Godly Love.
His blood poured out for all to view
His message is I love you.
No matter what you do.

He took the time to share
With His beloved disciples one more meal
He broke the bread and this is what He said.
Take eat consume My life within
always remember that I have taken away 
And forgiven all your sins
Theses things remember I did for you
My life I gave, 
I hung for you until death on the cross
I with stood all pain, all the hurt, 
Rejections and the beatings too
These things I done because 
I love all of you.

I promised I would rise on day number three
Not even dead would contain me.
And so I rose from the dead
And won the victory
Over Satan and death
So that you and yours will all be free.

Take of my body, take of my blood
And do these things all in the name of love
Never forget in our union
of all we share for you may die
But Ill be back to take you home
Where you belong.
As I promised I wont be far. 
I can only live in your heart if you open it 
And let me. Staying prayerful and faithful
Id protect you from sin.
but while you wait you can know My victory
And have eternal life through Me

Come, take of me. 
Eat and drink of me
For I am truly able
To carry you and yours 
In love, in spirit and in life
For it is only one of Me I am the Christ.
And I have already paid your price.

Come believe, repent and confess
All the satanic evilness.
I came to conquer evil
I shall deliver all that I have called
I will lift you and you will not fall.
It is I who give unto you eternal life
I the Son of God Jesus The Christ.
This peace I alone can give
I give to you as you can live.
Take Come, Believe, Eat and Drink 
I have made you whole.
With this communion receive in my honor
Until I return to take you home
To be with Me for all eternity

Communion by Catherine Butterfly

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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