The Struggle Must Go On

by Carlton L. Scott

We won't forget the struggle of the civil rights era
Pushing forward for a better America for all
We can't forget Medgar Evers, 
the four little girls bombed in the Baptist church,
the freedom riders that worked and was murdered 
just so African Americans could have a right to vote
The Struggle Must Go On
We will never forget how African Americans were beaten and whipped 
sprayed with water hoses while dogs were turned loose
Jailed for basic rights for human beings not given a chance to have freedom
God Bless you Dr. Martin Luther King who had a vision through a dream
Here we are approaching the year 2005 we will keep his dream alive 
Equality for all regardless of your color
We will continue the struggle for human rights and justice for all 
The Struggle Must Go On

The Struggle Must Go On by Carlton L. Scott

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