I'm Sorry You Got Hurt From My Transition

by 1st Poet

I tried my best to walk in truth
Unless you have seen yourself laying in a casket
You can never understand what I've been through
I promised "YAH" if he kept me in my right mind
If he allowed me to live I would serve him in truth
The most difficult thing to do was walk away from tradition
All my life I was brought up to serve "God" through "Christianity"
Yet I herd another voice calling me to serve him in truth, 
a voice I knew from youth
A wonderful awesome spirit who has kept me all these years
The voice within who guided me whenever I felt helpless 
No one was there but her when my mind needed a place to rest
Calling me and telling me my purpose would be mighty one day
Telling me don't be afraid of change, 
I'm calling you to serve a mighty name "Yahweh -Elohim"
Who sent his only begotten son "Yahushua" into the earth 
to restore the house of "Y'sra'el 

I'm Sorry You Got Hurt From My Transition by 1st Poet

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