Religion and Freedom

by 1st Poet

I sat back and thought about how it all begun
A young black boy told his life had no meaning
That’s when “Yah” began to open my mind
Showing me my life was not a mistake
I had to block out the world view of being black in America
So I had to take a step back and reprogram myself
That’s when a realized it wasn’t about my color but it was the wickedness of man
Trying to usurp a divine plan for all humanity
I had to understand it wasn’t about me, it was “Yah’s” plan
He created all things to be “Ruach Ha Kodesh” unto him and not men
Yet I still didn’t understand the hatred of the color of the color of my skin
I asked myself over and over why is the so much hatred towards my people
It’s deeper than my mind can comprehend a people
Who suffered so much pain for over 500 years?
A trail of tears, fears destruction from sinful hands
Mam made traditions bowing to go against any of YHWH’s laws and statues
It’s a battle out here on this field called life
Black has no value but white is as pure as light
Its deception set up to destroy true Y’sra’el 
“Yah” didn’t say we were superior to any human being
We are just a reflection of himself charged to live by example 
through “Torah” a life of obedience to “Yah”
A “Ruach Ha Kodesh” example to all his creation regardless of the skin color
But our ancestors refuse to take heed of all the warnings
“Musa” warned our ancestors over and over as it is written 
yet then and now still my people won’t take heed of all the warnings!!

Religion and Freedom by 1st Poet

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