Iím Always Ready For War

by 1st Poet

I was prepared for this day
Iím like lion ready to break out the cage
So much knowledge of truth in my mind
I been turning the other cheek for a long time
Now itís time to be free
Let the Yahweh spirit inside me be released
Armed with the word of truth ready to attack
I got to tear down these walls of neglect and disrespect
Yep I know the enemy is ready to test me
Trying to talk slick saying I am not going to get no blessings
They canít see the Yahweh spirit resting on me
Iím free my soul loves to serve Yahweh
I bow to no man but Yahweh Elohim
All praises to his son Yahshua the one who died for me
Gentiles Romans hung my Hebrew brother in tree
He died for you he died for me he came to set the captives free
 I come in truth to restore I ainít knocking Iím a knock down the door

Iím Always Ready For War by 1st Poet

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