Pour Out My Spirit on The Earth

by 1st Poet

I come to you knocking on your heart 

Crying out to you children of Yah’kov to wake up 

Return unto me that which I set apart why are you hiding under every rock 

Following other El’s your ancestors have never known, you are my flesh of flesh and bone of bones  

The rocks are crying out to welcome you home my first born of Yah’kov I chose for myself 

The world is waiting for you to return that they may be blessed 

The crafty have taken counsel boasting and flaunting their wealth 

A wild olive tree grafted in tempting me on every level boasting in untruth 

Return unto me that which I own the natural branches of Ysrael 

I am Kembo I am Yahuah I am Elohim I am that I am that created everything 

I sent my son Yahushua to redeem my lost sheep the scattered of Yisrael 

I am the first and the last return unto me that which I created with my hands

Pour Out My Spirit on The Earth by 1st Poet

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