Senator Barack Obama Is Good for America

by 1st Poet

He stands for change
New ideaís another direction for America
Bridging the gap between people who have and those who have very little

Heíll bring healing and reconciliation to our great nation
While ending tax breaks to big corporations who outsource our jobs to foreign nations

Heís walking on the trail Martin Luther King and John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Taking the torch of hope and peace bringing a new generation of people of all ages together 

In America we say in "God" we trust he has the anointing resting on him
Only "God" can choose a leader and equip him with all the right stuff

A leader the American people support to take us in a new direction.
Standing with Honor to bring peace and hope to a nation that built itself on patriotism and "God"

A mere man standing before us not ashamed to say he loves "God"
Itís a new day and as our ancestor once said "I Have a Dream"

Letís stand with our chosen elect that "God" has risen up before us 
and give him the opportunity  restore America and her credibility around the world.
Prosperity and health care for all,
America can be that one nation under "God"

Senator Barack Obama Is Good for America by 1st Poet

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