Cause You Got Money Don't Mean You Speak For Me

by 1st Poet

A fool and his money look they can't see
Satan has ruled the world with material things
Enticing these fools with riches and fame
They can't even see they caught up in a game
To busy seeking fame destroying the path our ancestors created
Do you remember a time long ago?
Family was first and dignity and pride came with honor
You watched what you said out of respect for your parents
Now some of our people have lost respect for self
Chasing dreams following Satan
They fell in the trap by forgetting the progress that helped them achieve success
Our ancestors who suffered trying to bring about change
They gave their lives for us to have freedom
My people are caught up in a gentile system
A revolving door that will keep us divided and fighting among each other
The more you climb to the top checks and balances to keep you from your own heritage
YAH warned you this would take place you refused to listen to him
You have consumed a lot of material possessions of worldly gains
Cause You Got money Don't Mean You speak for Me   

Cause You Got Money Don't Mean You Speak For Me by 1st Poet

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