Lamentations 2014 "A"

by 1st Poet

 Beautiful Y'sra'el your time has come
YHWH is calling you to return unto him
It's time to restore you back to your rightful place
You are a Holy people unto "Elohim"
"Yahushua" is your melek the keter was placed upon his head
He came to find Y'sra'el and return them back unto the Elohim
All the nations have taken part in destroying you
Be careful and watchful what you join yourself unto
Remember YAH said never forget how he brought you out of mitzrayim 
People who held you captive come in all colors and shades
Never forget the hardness of the Pharaohs' heart 
You were set free by the almighty YHWH Elohim
Your ancestors wrote the Holy books when all others lived in darkness of sin
Why my people why do you not accept who you are?
You allow other nations to teach you do you not remember that you are special unto Elohim
Return back to your natural branch 
Stop serving all those false gods made with the hands of men
Return back to YHWH Elohim


Lamentations 2014 "A" by 1st Poet

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