Lamentations 2016 "B"

by 1st Poet

Weep Ysrael with tears of joy
“Yahushua” is soon to return to redeem the pasture of his sheep
Leap with joy your prayers have come to the “Abba”
Your time has come to be restored this is the hour you were created for
Get your temples in order the melek is soon to come
Only what is written on your forehead will testify what you truly believe 
Don’t wait by being deceived what is written bears witness of YHWH’s true seed in Debarim 68
It’s a new day “Yah” is warning Ysrael to get ready
Blow the trumpet sound the alarm his sheep knows him we can discern his voice
Yah redeemed some of us from shatan the evil one
Come ye cast aways, broken of the spirit, come you imprisoned in the mind
Redemption awaits with mercy wrapped in grace 
The Ruach embraced many of us in our lowest state
Elohim is preparing a new army of the redeemed of Ysrael 

Lamentations 2016 "B" by 1st Poet

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