The Heart of Who You Are

by 1st Poet

I would like to be rising star
The beautiful creation formed by “Yah”
Covered in darkness yet shinning with his beautiful light
A light upon the world so bright in the night
I would fly high and higher to the upper shamayims
Yes I would soar above the clouds with beautiful dreams creating diviness for my “Yah, Elohim”
I would dream, I would dream, I would dream
In reality all creation was formed with divine hands
A master craftsman at work molding his clay
I’m programmed to start my day with prayer
Telling “Yah” my deepest thoughts 
I pray for the whole world to live in peace and harmony
That includes all my enemies as well, my greatest break through comes when I yield
I put myself on hold and bring fourth the creators will
Hallelu’yah, Hallelu’yah it’s a new day lets praise “Yah” with everything my people be blessed

The Heart of Who You Are by 1st Poet

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