by 1st Poet

500 Years we been shedding tears
Our families torn apart by gentile European hands
Traps set by clever schemes to destroy the chosen seed 
The whole world has been deceived "Shatan" has used power to confuse our people
A gentile system created and controlled, education used to manipulate your soul
The trap is set to control, every step you take
The enemy knows you're confused about who you are,
You were snatched from your greatness of your ancestors past
Taught to create a new identity called nigger, coon, colored, black then African American
Never once did they ever tell you who you really are?
They hid the truth to keep you blind while they usurped your identity 
True Hebrew “Y'sra'lite, Shemite” the bright and shining star of the Most High
Awaken my people and reclaim who you really are
It's your history the enemy wants, but "YAH" hid who you were in your “DNA”
The Nations are trembling with fear they know the "Most High" will never let "Shatan" destroy his remnant
You were warned in the scriptures never to have nothing to do with these other nations
But they stole your identity and history remember "Yah" allowed it 
because our ancestor would not take heed to what's written in the scriptures


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