Please Donít Shoot Hands Up

by 1st Poet

Why must we die at the hands of police in blue 
Secretly wearing uniform raging like a wolf 
Quick to pull the trigger on any black person they conceive as a threat 
Please Donít Shoot Hands Up Why is it that 
black mothers have to keep burying their children with a broken heart?
Tears flowing down her face like river crying out to Yah 
Over 400 years some evil men have been 
lynching and hanging and beating us to death, 
now they just shoot as if they are hunting deer 
No peace can we find they told us to believe in this image our ancestors never knew 
Now we are awakening to the truth according to the scriptures 
he didnít look like them he looked more like me and you!
Once again, we been brain washed to believe a lie 
Please Donít Shoot Hands Up Come on Massa 
police get your knee off our neck, you got that much hatred for your fellow human being 
Shame on you I canít breathe please, please I canít breathe 
Have some compassion on me, mom, mom I canít breathe!  
Iíll see you soon on the other side

Please Donít Shoot Hands Up by 1st Poet

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