Degradation of a Nation

by 1st Poet

My eyes weep for peace
I shed many tears for my people
The young are slowly fading
Destroying each other’s destiny daily
The nations are saying aha, aha 
This people refuse to serve their “Yah”
They have turned away to serve another god
Now the glory they once had is gone
A stiff neck they have they are
They once had glory that shined as bright as the stars
Now their young have turned against each other
Chasing after worldly gains that their “Yah” warned them about
All the nations have taken part in coming in and out of their community taking their wealth
“Yah” will avenge his elect his people he’s chosen for himself
He’s calling his people to wake up your protection is in his covenant
If my people who are called by my name “YAH” Tehillem (Psalms) 68:4 
would humble themselves and petition me face to face, 
and turn from their evil ways: then will they hear from the shamayims (Heavens), 
and I “YHWH” will forgive them of their evil ways 
and restore and heal them back to their land

Degradation of a Nation by 1st Poet

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