by 1st Poet

 The color of this skin dont mean a thing
What truly count is whats within?
Will I use my gifts to find the lost sheep of Ysrael
Will I sell my soul to the world to get wealth?
Manipulating "Yahs" sheep with my own imagination
Building stumbling blocks with crafty teachings
Following the world system instead of yielding 
to the true name "Yahushua" and "Yahweh Elohim"
Suppressing truth with clever schemes
Leading souls to follow you into the pit
So many opinions from tradition 
are you willing to stand and be bold?
Love your brother from within 
through YHWHS plan for mans salvation
Yield to the commandments and statues 
or will you continue to be blind
Please dont let what happened to our ancestors 
in 2king ch 17 happen to you
Yah punished our ancestors for disobedience 
Following other nations traditions

Color by 1st Poet

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