Authenticity of a Man

by 1stPoet

When "God" created man his soul was good within
His mind did not know evil, his soul was genuine
So he ate from a tree that his eyes could see
He did not listen to "God" instead he was captivated by his help mate's beauty
She encouraged him to eat what he knew "God" forbid
Authenticity of a man
Created hands planted in the soil of the earth to do well
But since man had eaten the forbidden fruit now he wanted to follow his own imagination
He no longer felt he needed "God" because he thought he could trust himself
Man could not see the forces of the evil one
Who used his help mate to get him out of the will of his "God?"
Yet he continued to lust desires, he wanted things that would pleasure himself
A man slowly dying in a world full of sin 
when the only thing "God" wanted him to do 
was spend a life with him in eternity with his son "Yahshua"

Authenticity of a Man by 1stPoet

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