Sistah Gurl

by A Taste of Caramel

Sistah gurl, why do you act so dumb when it come to men?
Don't let him beat you and mistreat you again and again.
Scandoulous, lying to all his friends, "Nigga yea I hit that."
When in reality you and I both know that's not the fact.
But you still follow his ass around like you his damn shadow.
And got the audacity to get mad when your friends tell you you're being shallow.
Mellow out homegirl, calm down and take a stand.
It's becuz of sistah's like you that dogs loom in the hearts of men.
100% dependent, 24-7 answerin his every beg and call.
It's a wonder why this man hasn't left yo ass at all.
Naw he knows you'll forgive him when he's out *ucking all them hoes.
And believe his every lie and scheme and turn yo friends to foes.
You like a crack addict on cack, but yo addiction is yo man.
But is he really yours at all? He has thousands of female friends.
Wit a mentality identical to your own.
Give a dog a bone and he'll find his way home.
But what if he's a stray dog who gets bones everywhere he goes.
So when you think he's in love with you, he's confusing you wit some other hoes.
Him doing that, you say, is something you'd never believe.
If only you viewed it with your own two eyes, would the truth you finally receive.
Spreading your legs and giving him head, just so he can keep you.
But deep down inside, the creeping, the lies, female intuition begins to seep through.
Late night business calls when he ain't got no job.
Beepers beepin off but he won't take the call.
You find yourself star 69-in numbers on the caller ID,
Hoping and praying that this duo don't include three.
Is this the kind of relationship you dreamed of as a little girl?
Naw you wanted a man to share life with, not one to rule yo world.

Sistah Gurl by A Taste of Caramel

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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