Devils at the Pulpit

by A Taste of Caramel

You've set aside working for the Lord as your calling. 
But the late night creeps over to Sister Margaret's house
might be labeled appalling. 
Sporting Tommy, Ralph Lauren, and Polo;
the appellations of being a baller. 
Spending thousands at the mall
but to the church collection plate you've never donated a dollar. 
And speaking of tithes and offerings, what about the church?
It still needs new seats. 
I guess it was used to buy you that new BMW
you be riding around in in the streets. 
In church announcements today, Sister Deborah just had her baby,
its resemblance to you is uncanny. 
That would explain why nine months ago
you were seen outside of her house sweating and panting. 
Your church neighbor the Pope
seems to be having some problems of his own. 
The priests can't keep their hands off the children,
I guess in the priests, Satan tends to roam. 
You have single-handedly moved the sheep to the aisles,
the wolves are now seated in the pew. 
The Devils at the pulpit, all eyes are fixated on you.

Devils at the Pulpit by A Taste of Caramel

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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