Props to the Black Man

by A Taste of Caramel

Why are we so quick to put our black brothers down?
Like Chante's song says, "There's still good men around."
But don't go out there searching for that brother, ladies let him find you.
Cuz in the end, I could put half on a baby, but he gotta put half on a baby too.
From the dark chocolate delights to those caramel sweet dips,
Short, tall, afroed out, fade, thin, medium, thick.
There's  a whole comglomerate of men, so ladies look as you may.
Never in my future years of living would a man of no color will I go astray.
I like my men patient and understanding with me.
He gotta be down for whatever, and not take me to extremities.
That is of course, unless I want to go.
Don't rape, cheat, beat, or degrade me cuz I am no man's hoe.
And what is a man if he ain't a man of God?
That ain't a man I want to be with let the church say "Yes lawd!"
I want to be able to see his inner and outter beauty, cuz I want him to be able to see mine,
There is more to me than thick thighs, breasts, and big behind.
For my Lord and savior Jesus Christ blessed me with a mind,
And I intend to use it, and on my path, 
I'll find, Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, or Mr. Short Light and Oh So Cute.
Either one will be a gift from God, therefore I will not refute.
I see doctors,lawyers, firemen, in the black man's type of living.
A lover, father, and a friend, in his heart he's always giving,
To his black woman, his mind, body, and soul,
And one of his top priorities is to always maintain his goals.
I don't need to be a size three for him to find me attractive in his heart.
Size doesn't matter to this man and God blessed me to know this from the start.
So ladies as I was saying give props to where it is due.
There are good black men around who will love and cherish you.

Props to the Black Man by A Taste of Caramel

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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