Indiscreetly Inconspicuous

by A Taste of Caramel

Ladies don't think I wasn't going to confront ya'll too/
some of ya'll is more ruggish than what we say men do/
you're a firm believer in going natural, keeping it real/
but between the green contacts, relaxer kits, and bonded weave, you lost the will/
talkin bout you a single mother but not by choice/
when it was you kickin Leroy to the curb, don't get mad cuz I exploit/
the true story of the black, bold, and not so pretty tales/
can't land a good job cuz you just got outta jail/
but you say fuck it, you a strong black woman doing strong black woman things/
but I could've sworn I heard you was on the corner last night getting paid to suck a ding-a-ling/
Got mad at yo baby daddy so you put all visitation to a halt/
trying to teach him a lesson is in vain when you yourself haven't been taught/
that you're not just punishin him, you're punishin your babies/
takin away their gift of a father, to me that sounds a little crazy/
and when you have a man that voluntarily leaves, you become
Ms. Stalker Bitch/ Ms. Slash a Niggah's Tires Bitch/
I guess what you stand for has a glitch/
you want to hate real women like me cuz we have what you don't/
the respect from a man you don't have when you open your legs the first date and we won't/
how can you say you an independent woman when you askin a nigga to pay yo bills bills bills/
don't say one thing and do another, you hypocrite, learn to keep it real/
you in church sunday morning but you have asleep from clubbin all saturday night/
you say i'm yo sista but you despise me cuz i'm too dark or too light/
you're so quick to volunteer your services, but even quicker to complain/
than want others to treat you like a queen, when you haven't done the same/
indiscreetly inconspicuous, practice what you preach/
next time attempt to learn the lesson, before you try to teach/

Indiscreetly Inconspicuous by A Taste of Caramel

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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