Impromptu: A Sista's Prayer

by Beulah Gordon-Skinner

Lord, In the name of Jesus:

Deliver us from all political oppression,
lustful obsessions, mental depression.
Touch our hearts, open our minds-
Give us strength and courage to look to You
from whom all blessings of assurance flow.
Lord, You know the cause and effects
of our selective circumstances:
You are the Alpha and the Omega-
Creator of all.
Enable us to stand, and not fall for deceptions,
character assassinations, whispered bitter nothings.
Elevate our self-esteem, raise our level of consciousness
to know that You pave the road to socioeconomic self-sufficiency.
Your truth set us free!
We give our utmost for Your highest.
Lead us out of toxic relationships, chemical dependencies,
social inadequacies and our wishful ways of thinking.
Let our focus be on You, not our trust in man-
for he is deceitful.
Help us to maintain both our inner and outer beauty;
to raise and train our children the way they should go.
Lord, save them from this abusive and corrupt generation.
Deliver us from all Twelve Steps
to victory in obedience to Your Ten.
May Your spirit help us to reach our full potentials:
intellectually, creatively, physically, collectively and solely.
We ask for Your guidance, protection and care-
for You alone can take us there!

Impromptu: A Sista's Prayer by Beulah Gordon-Skinner

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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