My Moment To Shine

by Gregory Battle

Strike up the band,
As I shake another hand;
Strike up the band,
While I’m being hiked above a crowd of fans
Who watched me go toe-to-toe with each menacing foe
And withstand them blow-to-blow at the battle line.
Well what do you know?
I won my cause and paid the price for victory,
I won applause by coming up from behind,
Now this is my moment to shine.
This is the moment my restless soul has sought
Through dark caves and danger zones,
Where I endured many broken dreams and bones;
Despite the hard lessons I was taught,
My fierce contest was deemed the best one fought.
So strike up the drums and start the parade,
And keep the trumpets blaring for my daring escapade.
Because I never let my strength and bold heart fade,
Even when I had to muster alone,
And call the cruel challenge my own.
When my back was against the wall,
Why I conquered them all, may be a matter divine,
Yet this triumph I toast with the sweetest wine,
For this is my moment to shine.
Lord knows I have no pride
For the thousand times my faith has died;
But I have kept a little hope inside,
To keep pushing on when opposing forces get too strong.
With only a few breaths left to pray,
I believed that I would find some other way
To ensure that surrender was never mine.
Through the night I secured the courage to carry on
Even when my eyes seemed too blind.
In the dawn, I emerged with splendor like the rising sun.
Now this is my moment to shine.

My Moment To Shine by Gregory Battle

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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