Like I Said

by Gregory Battle

        Darling, like I said,
	Your curvaceous beauty keeps calling me
	So seductively to come to bed.
	And your luscious smile is why
	All the wild roses keep turning red.
	Like I said; like I said
	Baby your sensual splendor keeps my hungry soul
	So tender and well-fed!
	Delicious darling,
	We are connected deeply within by an invisible thread
	Which ties our emotions to each intimate notion
	Of true devotion and happiness that I confess
	Sometimes tears of awe I shed.
	Like I said; like I said. 
	Honey, you are my heaven and sweet hope,
	And every dream I wish to wed!
	Like I said,
	Just when I embrace your delicate frame,
	All around us diamonds seem to rain.
	Suddenly all my fears and frustrations
  	   seem to have fled.
	For your soothing touch is jubilations
  	   and ecstasy instead.
	Like I said; like I said
	Not holding you close forever
	May be the most sadness I dread. 
	For you are the gladness and perfect angel
	I chase like a thoroughbred!
	Like I said,
	To a bright promised land, hand in hand,
	Our burning passions were led.
	Now the unlimited love
	We both were yearning lies ahead.
	Praise hallelujah above for bringing us
	To a place where by gentle grace
	Our togetherness and rapture shall always spread.
	Like I said; like I said!

Dedicated to I. Polite & His FianceƩ Upon Their Engagement

Like I Said by Gregory Battle

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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