Fine Brown Paradise

by Gregory Battle

	Fine brown paradise, caramel splendor
	Munchy mocha tarte so tender.
	What a chocolate statue carved so curvy and precise.
	No man can help but look twice
	And wonder why heaven sent you here
	To excite his soul about flying to a tasty
	Milky Way, Musketeer, Klondike and Snickers stratosphere!
	Yes, you are chewy bits of sweetness du jour
	And a lonely man's loveliness' cure.
	Fine brown paradise,  dark and creamy marvel fusion,
	Optimal licorice that's no optical illusion
	For your cut of breathless perfection is complete.
	Ebony goddess, every heart seizure you give is a special treat!
	Never has man seen more spherical in this world
	As his elation gets hysterical each time you swirl.
	Fine brown paradise, thick molasses and honey glaze,
	So stunning to the senses
	Like a burst of flowering meadows and early morning rays. 
	Each edible lure you cast makes more than lusty eyes swell---
	Until every fellow is dazed and lost forever in your spell.
	See how you got his emotions and pulse racing fast,
	A-thinking he must be facing Nestle ecstasy at last! 
	Fine brown paradise,
	Fine brown sensation and toffee jubilation,
	Coffee skin feeling like silken Hershey,
	Stop touching that man and he'll stop begging for mercy!
	Hallelujah fine brown paradise,  your fine brown majesty,
	Each gazing man is now a flabbergasted fool
	And hopeless harlequin within your court
	As he has been awed and blasted by every ricochet
	Of  lumpy artillery popping over your fort.
	So keep him rising for that fudge dream-ship
	Built for tight flight like a Harrier jet.
	With those mounds of joy toppings to make him merrier yet!

Fine Brown Paradise by Gregory Battle

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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