Soul Of The Champions

by Gregory Battle

	In the cave of night as his comrades sleep,
	Menelaus rises to the centurion call;
	He musters up his armor to the centurion call
	And stands in readiness to crush foes and fight. 
	How he stands tall and wields elemental force
	To defeat armies or to change destiny’s course.
	How he sails onward with the fearless might of Hercules
	Toward whatever fate lies upon dangerous seas.
	His valor endures in our legends and songs
	Which honor this soul of the champions. 

	Though the Sirens sing with spellbinding charm,
	One noble warrior they shall never disarm:
	He who answered the clever Sphinx
	And battled in the maze with the Minotaur;
	He who boldly faced the Medusa
	And avenged his cause in bloody war. 
	Now Hermes flies from Olympus’ peak
	His mission this mortal pride of Zeus to seek
	And proclaim his bravery a paragon,
	To herald this soul of the champions. 

	He assaults with the hammer of  Thor
	And catapults walls in arcs of a meteor.
	Against harpies his weapons and fury match
	To bury these nemeses in their Hades’ hatch.
	Menelaus is never the troop who cowers
	When crisis demands his fierce powers.
	His march plows through the fray ahead
	Unlike the footsteps of soldiers who dread.
	Victory is marked with glorious cries,
	To defend Virtue until he dies;
	To negate the odds even risk oblivion,
	This intrepid soul of the champions.  

**dedicated to Brian Ashford

Soul Of The Champions by Gregory Battle

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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