Until Our Black Nation Can Rise

by Gregory Battle

Until our black nation can rise,
Let's raise our fists in solidarity like tall trees against the skies.
Let our powerful dreams be an Almighty mist of bumblebees
That flies and flies and flies…
Let desirable ambitions be our deliverer and call to revolutionize!
With each bold endeavor, let's shout "Freedom forever!"
As we resist all bondage until all oppression dies!

Until our black nation can rise, 
Like Douglass and Du Bois could recognize
Our verdant and hope-seeded warriors must bloom.
With urgent preservation heeded by their scholarly surmise,
We must stop the inhumanity against our tribal womb.
And realize that another Trayvon dropped by arrows of insanity
Is a resurgent plot to keep our pharaohs entombed.
Their golden empires we must replace and resume,
Before our shining heritage is effaced and insidiously consumed. 

Until our black nation can rise,
Billionaires Johnson and Lewis in equanimity would advise, 
We must create economic remedy to perish corporate hegemony.
Let's reprise ebony-owned consumption to nourish our invincibility.
The dominance of our commerce will be cherished as an uncompromising currency
That shall flourish in our dark-skinned talents to leverage us global indemnity. 

Until our black nation can rise,
Our legacy-forging and manifest fabrication
Shall require more than hammer and plies. 
The pioneers Ericsson and McCoy would state so cavalier yet wise:
We can only institutionalize greatness by industrious ideas or labor.
May innovations we improvise like Carver 
Marvel us as an engineering Colossus to urge Apollo's favor. 
Let the new Parthenon's we sketch surge in artistic and cultural savor. 
Let the digital pyramids we etch and visualize
Be the ancestral steering of Eternal favor!

Until our black nation can rise,
That sovereign citadel of Malcolm, Martin and Gayle remains unfinished.
But with the lofty finesse and fervor our struggles energize
May our conquest be firmly the selfless enterprise
That further generations replenish!

Until Our Black Nation Can Rise by Gregory Battle

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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