Already Within Me

by Gregory Battle

The skin that covers me in is anthracite and bituminous grade

Forged in voluminous forces from which my melanin is onyx and obsidian-made.

Yes already within me is the magma flow below the upheaved continents of an Earth-lid

Which shall keep sheaved for eons the architectural grid of the Great Pyramids.

Already in me are the obscure glyphics of ancient yet timeless script,

An epic code that showed how tiny prolific particles are ripped!

My innovations have given Sapiens their surge into space,

And even merged polymers to be the irrepressible steel of flexible lace.


Already within me are formulas written with elegant variables and wisdom inestimably

To sling supernovas and pitch stars around the farthest galaxy;

For I am conquest made by a gloried and stellar- conscious design

More awesome than the syzygy by which the solar planets align.

My headstrong nobility is matched by the agility of an Ethiopian gazelle

As I leap over high bridges and impassable mountains never to fail.

Like Hannibal storming down the Alps in deafening thunder I assail

To be an exemplar, an emperor of each impossible wonder I hail!


Already within me is the atomic precision to measure an electron burst,

Or to hurl out intellectual constellations from my imagination across the universe;

Whereas my genetic excellence will be ever a field of unjust contempt,

My inventions towers with persistence to yield truth so august and exempt!

And even though slavery was urged to endure an elite cotton gentry,

A mahogany merge of bold ideas has been the prophetic bravery

To assure my resistance century after century. 


Already within me are Mansa, Mandela, Lumumba, L’Ouverture, Hannibal and Mays,

DuBois, Martin, Malcom, Michael and Tupac encouraging me to trail blaze better days.

Then Dunbar and Ballwin have given my spirit fire to soar over every contrarious peak,

While Ward and Wilson have been clarions through which my impervious heart can speak.

For my calloused feet are stomping to the rhythmic tapping of javelin and spear

With my face spotted like a leopard to lunge at any malice jumping suddenly near.

Already within me is a puma who pommels prejudice; a hyena who annihilates hate;

A jaguar of gentle tenderness to soothe any battle scar that aches.


Already within me is the ingenuity, the incredible impulse to craft marvelous machines;

An architect DNA to fashion geometric honeycombs and erect palaces for ebony kings.

Sometimes as I am sitting, my intrinsic tribal warrior begins a “kuinuka” chant:

That glory is ever befitting for the dreams I chase with a breathless pant.

Already within me is promise, paradise, fervor, fidelity, capacity and finesse;

The imperial lineage to lift up mountains and imperative to achieve it best!

Already Within Me by Gregory Battle

© Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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