On the Other Side

by Arethia Hornsby

Whatís across the water?
On the other side?
Whoís waiting there for me?
With arms open wide?
This journey has been strangeÖ
My choices, sometimes unwise.
My hopes and dreams tossed and turned
Some pushed, and thrown
To the raging tide.

In my haste to venture on
I often forgot to say -Thank you Jesus
My Savior,
For staying with me all day.
Oh I wish I knew Ė whatís across the water
Whatís on the other side.
But hey, my turn will come
Of Iíll not be denied.

I pray my Savior to meet me
And greet me with a smile.
Forgiving me my sins
I committed on this side.
Iím sorry for all the pain, the hurt and tears
I sometimes caused.
Iím sorry I disappointed you Jesus,
Iíve lived in so much strife.

The path you choose for me
 I wish I had followed sooner.
I wish I had listen
You are always right.
Telling me step here, turn there, stop now,
Look up, not around.

But I did not heed your teaching
I did not want to be found.
Now I understand.
In the mist of my pain, confusion, and sorrow
You were there from the beginning of My time.
I could ask to start over
To try again my Lord.
But who knows
I might do worst still not heeding you commands.

So Iíll say Thank you Jesus
For pulling me closer Today.
For letting me hear you voice
Now I trust you all the way.
I wish I had known sooner
Please forgive me, I know you do.
Youíll tell me so, with arms wide open
When Iíve safely crossed
To the other side
Holding on to You,
My Savior, Your Child.

On the Other Side by Arethia Hornsby

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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