The Way the Love Flows

by A.J. Jones

Every day I pray for a rose among the weeds.
For her heart is worth more than God to me.
When I see her…
My rose is much more than a pretty flower to me.
Blooming morning beauty is not that I see of her…
I do see the rays of her shining beauty shining with my own two eyes.
There is a blinding light of love beaming from her heart that is visible.
I know she sees a glimmer in my eye 
for they seem to twinkle like a star on a clear and silent night.
There is no sunshine when its gone 
because I’d rather be in her arms where it’s safe and warm.
Like a bodyguard I’ll keep my love form harm.
My jewel you are too good to be true; I can’t keep my eyes off of you.
You are that diamond that was not cut by the hands of man, 
which would make you the most beautiful treasure 
to ever cross the eyes of this man as I walk the paths of this land.
You are that kaleidoscope that mixes the true colors in my heart.
You are the melody that swings my loving blues for you.
You are the sun that shines bright on the darkest days of my life.
God has created you…
A shining star in his cosmic symphony of constellations that stir my heart.
You are that heart that beats to give me a pulse for you…
God made you all of these things.
If God ever made me a part of you…
I’d want to be your heart!
You’re a strong woman; your heart pumps blood not Kool Aid.
Every time your heart beats it would not only pump blood, 
but it would pump love too.
Like Gatorade…I ask that same question about love.
Is it in you?
The way I see things …
That’s the way love flows.

The Way the Love Flows by A.J. Jones

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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