A Man In Love Alone

by Alfred "A.J." Jones III

Yes… I am a man. 
I am a man…in love. 
Damn!...My love is as weak as Gandhi stepping toe to toe with Lennox Lewis 
because I love someone who can’t feel me. 
Damn, the day I met her because my eyes are forever fixated on love 
every since I…listened to her heart and told her what was on my mind. 
Love is blind, but it doesn’t take Ray Charles to see that I love her. 
Stevie and Ray hear it in my voice, 
they can hear it in my steps when I walk, 
and they can hear it when I breathe…while I daydream about me being with her. 
Damn, I’m sprung! 
Yes…I am a man. 
I am a man…in love. 
When it comes to me talking about her…I just seem to babble on and on. 
I can talk about her for days like I’m the energizer bunny 
I just keep going and going and going and going and going… 
Only to realize…Damn, Her whole heart is not with me. 
Then again…I do keep her inside of me like a king would keep 
his most precious jewel tucked away for protection. 
Damn, that damn love thing is just inside of me…Man!!! 
Love just makes me say things like…I love her 
because she is the sun that shines at night on the darkest days of my life. 
Damn, I’m just really making it seem like this woman is my wife… 
Hey! I just pray for that to happen one day, but until then…let me dream because… 
I am a man… 
Yes, I am a man… 
I am a man…in love. 
I am a man in love…with her. 
Damn, she got me and I don’t even worry about being caught…by her love. 
Man, she’s got me hemmed up like the L.A.P.D. hemmed up Rodney King, 
but neither she nor I will be getting or receiving any beatings. 
It just sad that she’s subdued me…for her heart has put me in a trance 
with her alto-sax phonic harmonies of her voice 
harmonizing those pulsating melodies of love inside the heart…of me? 
Woman, what did you do to me? 
Did you romance me with your mind and kiss me with your eyes 
only to make me realize…that I do warm your heart too? 
Do you know that you fill my big empty heart with that four letter word 
that just sends my heart and soul floating away above? 
I do know that I have a place inside of you that I speak of… 
Your heart is that lock that I’m trying to pick like a crook trying to jack Fort Knox. 
Damn…the things that you’ll do for love. 
Praying, hugging, kissing, caring, and loving…her. 
For what? 
Just to let her know that…I love her. 
Damn…Look what love wants me doing for her. 
Love has me being that shoulder for the tears of your eyes when you cry, 
love got me being that ear listening for those words flowing off of your lips, 
traveling through the ear, and passing to the mind for those meanings that your heart needs near, 
and love has me being that open mind so I can think about, understand, 
and decipher everything your heart and mind is trying to hear and understand. 
Damn Love…you got me working like I’m Florence from the Jefferson’s, 
but…to be totally honest I don’t mind doing all this for you…I mean her. 
Yes, I am a man. 
I am a man. 
Oh, I am a man…in love 
I am a man in love…with you. 
The sad part is that I know your heart does not dwell with me, 
but in another hand it is in asymmetrical non-harmony. 
Damn…I’m in love. 
Why am I singing the blues? 
“I just want you to know that your whole being is beautiful”, said my boy Common. 
Like the song says “Come close to me, baby”, but I remembered… 
Damn…you can’t because… 
I am a man. 
Yes, I am a man 
Oh, I am a man…in love. 
I am a man in love…with you. 
That damn Love… 
I‘m in love with a jewel that has no price, 
but it’s beauty and wealth still remain on the shelf. 
Its holder doesn’t know of its true love and wealth. 
The sad thing about this whole damn love thing is that…
I can never have you to make my heart complete. 
I just feel like a black man during segregation… 
It’s true I am a man 
Yes, I am a man. 
Oh, I am a man…in love. 
I am a man in love…with you. 
Damn…I can’t have you; so that leaves me a man in love alone. 

A Man In Love Alone by Alfred "A.J." Jones III

© Copyright 2003. AJ3 Publications. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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