My Hustle

by Alfred "A.J." Jones III

I can be rich and still be in the hood.
The materialism of life has the definition of rich misunderstood.
I have just given myself a choice 
and I have chosen to hustle in my hood.
What I do is legit and keeps me sharp 
and will make me better at what I choose to do.
I canít work a nine to five at home to survive; 
so I turn to my gift from God to stay alive and thrive.
Iím no pusher, no gangster, or no pimp.
What I do in my hood doesnít define meÖ
Some say because Iím not grimey that Iím a whimp, 
but theyíre the ones on the corner; whose really getting pimped?
What I do doesnít have me looking over my shoulder.
I donít have to worry about being busted just for being a brother.
I donít even have to say a word in my occupation.
See Iím working a silent hustle with a loud approach.
See my sound speaks for me.
Every sound is a song and I canít go wrong.
In my hustle I just let fingers get to walking and my horn do the talking.
Iím pulling in over $15 an hour and I donít even punch a clock.
So I like Rick James says, ďIím richÖĒ
In my heartÖ
See I do what I do not for the moneyÖ
Itís all for the love over here.
See Iím not alike a gangster, a pusher, or a pimp; 
theyíre all trying to get rich or die trying like 50 cent.
Theyíre not like me I play to live and I live to survive.
In my hustle I donít have to worry about being on somebodyís turf 
or anybody trying to rival me.
I love my hustle so much that I do what I do anytime and anywhere 
because Iím strong enough to stand alone on my own.
I donít push no rocks, dime sacks, kilos of coke, dope or heron; 
see I push sounds that other stuff is left alone by me.
The hustle I speak of that make me rich everydayÖ
My hustle is my life and my lifeÖ
Is my saxophone.

My Hustle by Alfred "A.J." Jones III

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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