by Zymone B

Daylight came into existence as softly as a whisper
Sunlight caressed her ebony skin as daybreak gently kissed her
Dark chocolate tresses from her head flow clean
Arise daybreak and embrace your Queen
Eyes of ebony pierce deep into my soul
Scarred by memories of days grown old
Memories be gentle unlike my eyes have yet to see 
Memories come softly for I am your Queen
Be by my side strong man of midnight
To embrace and behold the power of my plight
Stroke away gently the pain of sorrow and woes
as I carry forth my nations load
Come to know me midnight
and we shall replenish the earth
with a nation of kings and queens 
from which my womb shall give birth
Look to find me sunshine
where sunshine cannot thee
Look and behold the on called her, she, woman
Come boldly thunderstorm to steal away sunshine’s valor
to behold her splendor, this woman of color
Let forth lightening with every smile she makes
Let loose your rapid winds
with every breath she takes
Let free the birds 
and let them sing
for they have beheld the splendor of a Queen
So midnight come when day is done
to behold what eyes have seen
For there shall be none other like the one called Queen

Queen by Zymone B

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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