Katrina (God's Warning) It's Real

by Zion

Iím taken back at the news
So much coverage over Katrina 
My heartís singing the blues 
American people so slow to move for New Orleans... 
a mainly black nation
So many promises of what going to come
9/11 hit, tsunami too 
Didnít take much and the good ole boys came running with troops 
Dispatching everybody elseís troops to the aid of the faces 
thatís not the shade of the majority white faces
Wading in sh!t and living beside rotting corpses 
What has our world come to? 
Living off bottles of Gatorade 
What has our world come too?
In the line of crisis we rob and loot 
and by looting I donít mean the people that are out for survival 
but Iím talking about those opting to choose plasma TVs over food 
Women in safe havens canít go use the bathroom 
for fear of those men hiding in the cut...
waiting so that can get some forceful nut 
Whatís going on with our world? 
My heart cries for those lost souls 
whose pain my thoughts canít even imagine 
Theyíre letting our people die 
I know they can do more 
KKKís celebrating because nature wiped some more of us out 
without even lifting a finger
Calamity strikes now we gotta call on Jesus 
when we've ignored him on a daily basis
This is his warning
No need to get mad 
Cause everyday we living on nothing but
God's great graces 
It's a shame some of us never take the time 
to get on our knees to thank Him
If you don't know the master
Now is the time
Embrace him today
No need to get pissed
This is my calling
I have to drop knowledge
So I'm at peace with my lord 
if yall choose not to read this
I know Iím rambling but so are our leaders 
except this ainít bullsh!t just real talk Iím speaking
Somebody gotta do this 
Give yall some warning 
We living in the last days 
Jesus Christ is coming 
Weíve entered the 42 months of war in the holy land 
revelation lays it out crack open the good book 
youíll see our world is in the living the book of Revelations
We gotta get it together 
God's warnings are becoming stronger

Katrina (God's Warning) It's Real by Zion

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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