Daily (Early Morning)

by ZetaZen

Good morning my king 

Sleepin next to you makes me wanna sing 

Wanting to feel your soft skin and body next to mine 

Knowing you are safe and itís our love line. 


DC and South Carolina 

3 states away miles of love yet agony & pain 

it can be so intense and insane 

Yet, we want to know what it would be like 

To see each otherís face daily 

In the early morning sunlight 


Waking up next to you every morning 

Us taking as a shower together because we are horny 

For each otherís touch, itís more than just lust 

I trust, the fact it would be of pleasure 

To awake next to you on the regular 


I know you feel the same way too 

Thinking about what to do 

Wanting to hold my body next to yours 

Slipping yourself inside my panties 

Through your drawers 


Early morning strokiní, every morning of the week 

Weíd go to work with smiles on our faces, 

because we each reached our peak 

beginning each day with sweet 

Tender kisses, deep licks, bodyís twisting 

Form this early morning love mixing. 



on the constant 

sexin you like there is no problem 

Daily (Early Morning) by ZetaZen

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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