Zekita Tucker

Zekita Tucker, a writer from St. Louis states, "My poetry tells a story of love and passion not only for male/female relations but also for the struggles in the African American community. My work has been therapeutic for some and enlightening for others. I have written many pieces over a course of years and normally just read them to those who need to hear them. I have decided to share my work with others by way of being published in magazines and literary journals as a freelance writer."

she continues, "I am certain that your readership will be able to relate to the language and the emotion behind my work. I compose pieces that are complex and yet simple when read with the heart." She has been published at the St. Louis American newspaper and will soon be published in the Westside Gazette (FL). She has also been chosen as a featured poet at Drum Beats Magazine.

You can contact Ms. Tucker via e-mail at ztucker7@yahoo.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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Could It Be You
For The Struggle
The Land Of Explicit Beauty

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